Ninja In A Blazer – 12th May 2023

Ninja In A Blazer – 12th May 2023

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Sorry I missed last week, as it turns out I found I wasn’t giving too much value week on week, so some weeks I may take a break here and there.   I’m sorry if you got a little upset that you didn’t get my regular contact, but I found as with my monthly market update video I was talking mostly about interest rates more than anything else.

As you know I tend to live and breathe real estate.  I’ve told many sellers to wait until the market was right, I always try to give the advice I’d live by myself.  I’ve learned a number of things over the years:

  • Do not deter someone from buying what they want.
  • Do not gloat when you’re right in hindsight
  • Do not make excuses if you’re wrong in hindsight
  • Treat everyone as you’d like to be treated – afterall we’re all human.

Now, you may have seen the news article about the perfect storm.


We’ve seen a lot of information recently about the increase in immigration announced in the budget, so with the already tight rental market, the lack of new house approvals, there’s going to be a bigger demand on properties.

Here is a bit of light reading for you:


I’ve personally dealt with quite a few international buyers recently.


There is a lot of foreign investors buying back into Australia now that C19 is in the distant past.  They’re doing what has been referred to as revenge buying, whereby being locked up for 3 years has meant they’ve heard of the good life in Australia and are looking to buy now and move later.

Although real estate is linked to interest rates, we know there are always people looking to purchase, they’re just changing their scope of property or location.

If you’re in a position to purchase now, I would be looking to purchase sooner rather than later – this is my opinion and you will still need to do your own research of course.

Don't argue when buying!

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