This is Brad


You’re probably wondering “Why should I choose Brad as my selling agent? What makes him  “oh-so” special?  

You see, while other agents… 

  • Keep smacking their new listing (only to add new data to their computers). 
  • Brag about having record sales. 
  • Tell you they’re hard workers. 

Why not give me a call, I like to say I’m a boutique agent backed by a big brand and my goal is to get you the most bucks out of your home in LESS time and LESS frustration through my proven marketing techniques

Let me give you the full picture through a short story…

I’m originally from South Australia. I arrived in Brisbane in 2014 for “work” and not long afterwards, my 10 years in the oil & gas industry expired. 

Back then, I was like a fish out of water, but there was something about Brisbane that quickly struck with… its lifestyle. 

I fell for and explored the laid back and sunshine lifestyle quick enough that I probably know  Brisbane more than the local cool kids on the block. 

So I figured to give real-estate a shot and it turns out I’m really good at it.  I’ve got numerous examples of selling properties for higher prices in the same market as similar properties.  Often selling them after the first open home, and in some cases well beyond the sellers’ dream prices.

This same marketing and negotiation execution that helped me to win the 2020,2021,&2022 Geebung Agent of the Year awards. It’s the same execution that has flooded my clients with BIG GREEN $$$ for the past 5  years and keeps them coming back (even during slow markets).  

Now, I’m looking forward to bringing the same happy ending for your property too. 

I want to get to know you and your specific needs better, so I can craft a custom-tailored plan to sell your property faster and I want to show you tips inside my bag that reveals how hassle FREE It can be to sell your home for top dollar in Brisbane’s market. 

Don’t let me tell you, watch the video below to see what a few of my clients – buyers, sellers, and people that have simply chatted real estate with me.

Case Study

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