How to fill out a Contract for House and Land (ADL Forms)

Below are the brief instructions with images for the important pages in a blank contract for house and land (ADL Forms).  NOTE: It is not intended to be comprehensive nor does it constitute legal advice.  You are advised to conduct your own due diligence.


Page 1

  1. Please leave contract date blank, do not write the date
  2. Section 5 (Buyer), Page 1, please insert Full names including middle name, your current postal address, contact details and email address.   Please insert your solicitor/conveyancer's details including postal address, contact number, fax and email) if you have appointed one.

Page 2

  1. Section 7, Page 2, please insert your purchase price (offer) in the box provided and all parties please initial beside this price.
  2. Note that for Section 8, 10, 11 we have inserted the standard conditions, if you would like to change any of these conditions please put a single line through the text, insert your desired conditions and please INITIAL beside all hand written changes.
  3. Section 12, Page 2, please insert either a settlement date or days (please note that 30 days is the most common and preferred settlement period)

Page 3 

Initials only, unless the agent has otherwise directed you to acknowledge anything – Easements, Encumbrances

Page 4

  1. Please read the buyers acknowledgement section 25 on page 4.
  2. Please sign as the buyers on page 4 and get a witness for your signature/s.

All pages

  1. Please initial the bottom right hand corner of ALL pages 1 through to 14


Any errors, please put a single line through it, and initial.   Basic rule of thumb – Initial anything hand written.


If in doubt, contact your agent or your solicitor/conveyancer.

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